Architecture is a language of its own and to use one of its fancy words in context, the allure of being the next great Starchitect versus the realities of the industry is a ‘juxtaposition’. In ten years real-world experience in Australia and overseas I worked on everything from garages to multi-million dollar buildings. It enriched my creative life and knowledge is so many ways. There was also an accumulation of massive student debt, a loss of passion and burn out. There are no regrets but I would have appreciated a heads up about what to expect before I dived in…

I wanted to share a story which explores the archetypal hero’s journey in some way. I thought about writing an epic tale of a snail trying to get across the garden but it was a tad slow… then I realised it was right in front of me. My daily run to the forest. Brace yourselves for call to adventure, crossing the threshold and lessons learned all in a half hour jog.

I sat in my apartment telling myself I should go for a run. Motivation is tougher than ever right now. There was an overwhelming temptation to have a nap…

This isn’t a story of success or failure, it’s an ongoing journey.

I relocated to Hamburg, Germany, from my hometown Melbourne six years ago, primarily to be with my son. I accepted that my aspiration to be an actor had come to an abrupt end having only taken a few baby steps through training and playing a role in a short film.

Standing in the rain outside a film festival marquee in Hamburg not long after my arrival, an industry professional turned to me and said, ‘I am sorry. There is no need for an Australian actor in Germany or…

Daniel Thomas

Australian writer, filmmaker, actor & podcaster based in Hamburg, Germany.

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